What is metabolic balance and how does it work?

Metabolic balance slimming programme is customized for each patient at German Institute for balanced diet and it was personally approved by doctor Wolf Funfack, a well-known internist from Munich.  With his team of doctors, nutrition and computer experts, who work at the Institute for Metabolism, he has developed a unique programme of a diet which harmonises biochemical and metabolic characteristics of an individual’s body chemical construction. The programme is a result of 20 years of research and it is implemented in 50 countries of the world. Now it is available also in Slovenia – in Ljubljana and Koper under the name IRENEE – METABOLIC BALANCE.

IRENEE is the only licenced and certified branch of METABOLIC BALANCE in Slovenia. Each body has its unique metabolic characteristics which do not change and remain the same, similarly to the fingerprints. On the basis of 35 values of laboratory analysis of an individual’s blood, the experts of METABOLIC BALANCE establish the metabolic and hormone balance of each individual and adapt their diet accordingly. That is why the programme is a unique investment in health for the entire life.


Being overweight and some symptoms of metabolic disease undoubtedly lead to more serious health issues. One of the most common health problems is diabetes. Healthy life style and maintaining appropriate body weight may postpone the development of diabetes to later in life or even prevent it. Among others, health issues include unregulated blood fats, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity. Recently, the emergence of visceral adipose tissue around internal organs has been the subject of numerous research.  It has been found out that this is not only the tissue for storing excessive energy but acts as an organ, interfering with metabolic processes. It releases mediators, called adipokines, which play a role in the process of chronic inflammations, affect satiety, they are connected with the development of insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases.


METABOLIC BALANCE anticipates that with a suitable diet each body is able to produce enough hormones for healthy metabolism and thus a normal weight. A METABOLIC BALANCE therapist is following each person on the entire path of transformation. During the first visit, which is free of charge, the therapist provides all the information about the programme. During the programme, which consists of 4 phases, the METABOLIC BALANCE therapist supports the person in a holistic way and leads them to the right selection of food until the desired final objective is achieved.

The first phase, called “Preparation” lasts for two days. The first step is to prepare your body for a changed diet and therefore the intestines are cleared during the first two days. That is vital in order to prevent an excessive feeling of hunger in the second phase of the programme. During the first two days you are allowed to eat only light food so that the body can get used to new food; you will get information about the food, prepared by a team of Metabolic balance® experts on the basis of blood values.

In the second phase, which lasts at least 14 days, you will have to follow the programme instructions very strictly. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right moment to start. The second phase is particularly important for the change in metabolism. In that period all the food plan instructions have to be followed. This is the only way to provide your body with the substances it really needs. The metabolic process of re-harmonisation of hormones is thus started. The release of insulin will normalise, which will have a positive effect on numerous other processes in the body, guaranteeing general wellbeing and loss of body weight. After first two weeks you will feel substantial increase of energy which will be shown in the wish for physical activity.

The third phase follows a substantial improvement of wellbeing. The therapist will inform you about the increased intake of food, not included in the first list. In the third phase, in addition to the normal menu, gourmet meals are allowed.

The objective of the fourth phase is to keep the achieved results permanently so that after a successfully completed Metabolic balance programme you will not go back to the old (inappropriate) dietary habits.


The purpose of METABOLIC BALANCE programme is not giving up food but select nutritional substances which will allow for the achievement of an individual’s hormone balance.  This encourages healthy metabolism and normal secretion of insulin. Among other disturbances, a high level of insulin affects increased craving for food. Numerous clinical studies have shown positive effects of METABOLIC BALANCE on several diseases, such as: metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, problems with digestions, rheumatic pains, migraine, allergies, symptoms of menopause and sleep disorders. At the same time, METABOLIC BALANCE programme efficiently increases the total level of energy, increases libido, improves the quality of sleep and makes your skin smooth and firm.  METABOLIC BALANCE programme has been awarded ISO 9001 quality standard. It is monitored very strictly and can be conducted only with the help of a specially qualified therapist.  A high number of people who have successfully completed METABOLIC BALANCE programme and the results they have achieved, encourage us every day to make people aware of healthy diet. Join us and make sure that you will feel great in your skin!

Note of caution:
Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with seriously damaged liver or kidneys must not use the programme.