Our skin is not only our mirror, but also a measure of our health, age and condition. Illnesses, worries, happiness and sadness are first shown on our skin.

However, our skin has several more functions. It is an excretion organ, balances body warmth, transmits stimuli from the outside world and leads them to brain and other organs; its elasticity protects us from external pressures and impacts.  It produces pigment and protects us from harmful action of sunbeams. It excretes water and toxins.

It is a real wonder of nature! Our thin skin consists of several layers:  epidermis, cutis and sub-cutan fat. New cells are produced in the lowest layer, then they are lifted to the surface where they finally die, then they fall off or they are removed by mechanical stimuli – washing, drying with towels.

The acid coat protects our skin from the inflow of bacteria. When the skin is healthy, it fits well. However, present-day external influences often damage that coat. The most common reasons are excessive washing with strong soaps, taking showers too often and use of products for the prevention of sweating. This means that skin is not protected anymore, bacteria can penetrate and cause inflammation, blackheads, pus bubbles, abscesses, and more serious, long-term skin diseases.

Sick skin is very common. Skin diseases, caused partly by inappropriate raw materials, cosmetic products which have gone off, unreliable substances in skin products, range from skin irritation, eczema, pigment changes and swellings, to ulcers and abnormal keratinization. When considering that harmful substances in care and dye products may even irritate gall-bladder, affect the functioning of thyroid, damage kidneys and cause internal poisoning, we can understand the terms “protective, intact skin” even better.

Therefore cosmetic line Irenee is here striving to mitigate this map of wrinkles and lines, drawn by life, skin diseases and pigment blemishes as much as possible. This is the reason why we use the best ingredients, gathered in nature and grown at home.