Allergies and individual oversensitivity are not caused only by certain raw materials or changes due to preservatives but they are often caused also by stimuli, caused by too heavy or strong perfuming. This is the reason why I have decided to use only essential oils of the highest quality, and even those in very small quantities or even without.

Doctors, specialist in skin diseases, warn that skin and body care products should be used very economically! Skin can be damaged also by too frequent use of cosmetic products. The first thing is blocking the pores. Like in medicine, also in beauty care it is definitely not true that higher quantity helps more. On the contrary, skin reacts much better to mild stimuli several times a day, and sometimes does not even react to strong stimuli. Psychologically, small quantities are better also because we are much more economical with small pots than “jumbo doses”. If you accept the motto that skin should “eat” only what would be good also for the stomach and digestion, you are in the right direction. We will not feed the skin with indigestible things, but with oils, butters, plants, flowers, blossoms that would be a pleasure to smell, eat or drink.

IRENEE products have proved to be extremely beneficial in treating skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, floppy and wrinkled skin.  They normalise and balance the secretion of sebum, decrease inflammations, which improves further eruptions and skin infections, they make aging skin smooth and firm.

However, even harmless substances can irritate skin, especially sensitive one, and an individual’s predispositions represent additional risk factors as does environment

pollution. If you have problems with redness on your face, itching or irritated skin or you are allergic to face cream or any other cosmetic product, please read the advice how to avoid those inconveniences.


You can check the reaction of your skin to a certain cosmetic product by testing it and find out whether it irritates your skin or you are allergic to it. Do the test before you start using a new product. Apply a small quantity on the forearm – or even better – behind your ear. If redness appears within one hour, do not use the product as it is obviously not good for you. This is a very simple method which can provide some guidelines; if you suspect you are allergic to a certain substance, do the test at a dermatologist.