Our skin is not only our mirror, but also a measure of our health, age and condition. Illnesses, worries, happiness and sadness are first shown on our skin.

However, our skin has several more functions. It is an excretion organ, balances body warmth, transmits stimuli from the outside world and leads them to brain and other organs; its elasticity protects us from external pressures and impacts.  It produces pigment and protects us from harmful action of sunbeams. It excretes water and toxins.


Skin changes can be mitigated or even eliminated with a proper diet (Metabolic balance programme), sufficient rest, exercising outside in fresh air, and also with appropriate cosmetic care (natural cosmetics IRENEE). “Squeezing pustiles” is an inappropriate habit. Acne can be mitigated by exercising outside in fresh air, eating fresh food and vegetables, healthy and sufficient sleep and relaxation.


Cosmetic products IRENEE contain a substantial share of Aloe vera without thermal treatment. As you probably know, most creams contain a substantial share of water. As a conscientious user of a cosmetic product, you read the declaration and see that water is listed first. This means that it accounts for the biggest share. Serums, for example, contain as much as 80% of water. Water is the cheapest ingredient in cosmetic products but it does not penetrate to deeper skin layers and does not hydrate skin.


Antioxidants slow down or even stop the oxidation of molecules, i.e. binding of oxygen in different ways. Due to this characteristic, antioxidants are called also catchers of free radicals, which are harmful for our organism and cause oxidising stress. In milder forms, free radicals accelerate ageing of skin, weaken immune system, decrease body capabilities, and affect our nervous system. In more serious forms, excessive quantity of free radicals may increase the risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, and similar serious illnesses.

When skin is exposed to harmful free radicals, such as cigarette smoke, UV rays or air, polluted with exhaust fumes, it is antioxidants which protect skin from aging.  Those important molecules neutralise harmful free radicals from damaging cells and changing proteins, which leads to the creation of wrinkles. Antioxidants stop further decreasing of the production of collagen and elastin, thus preventing the occurrence of lines and wrinkles.

IRENEE products combine aloe vera with olive oil and home-picked herbs, tropical oils, butters and other ingredients, which contain generous neutralising antioxidants and thus ensure the best nutritional combinations which slow down the process of ageing.


I have chosen Airless packaging to protect the contents of ultra-sensitive formulation from degradation and oxidation.   Products are made under IRENEE technology, which is protected by a trade mark.
The airless pumping system will prolong the useful life of the cream with spagyric essences, active substances of fresh aloe vera, pure oxygen, rich butters and oils, and a mixture of plant substances, and at the same time allow for smooth and precise dosing, perfect from the first to the last pumping.


Unlike other skin care products, IRENEE cosmetics does not use any ingredients for blocking UV rays, which are beneficial for our health. In addition to their primary function, my products contain safe UV neutralising ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, raw shea butter, coconut and cocoa butter, which provide efficient mild UV protection.

When your skin is exposed to direct day sunlight, it reacts with the production of vitamin D, which is essential for our health. Unfortunately, products which contain SPF8 decrease the transformation of vitamin D by 90%, while higher factors, SPF30 and more, decrease the transformation by 99%.

Tropical oils provide protection from skin damages, and what is most important … they do not block the production of vitamin D.


Allergies and individual oversensitivity are not caused only by certain raw materials or changes due to preservatives but they are often caused also by stimuli, caused by too heavy or strong perfuming. This is the reason why I have decided to use only essential oils of the highest quality, and even those in very small quantities or even without.